Municipality FAQ

What schools service the City of Weston?

Lewis County High School serves students in grades nine through twelve at a location approximately 2 miles out of Weston city limits. Within the city limits there are three schools - Robert Bland Middle School located on Court Street; Saint Patrick Grade School on Center Avenue; and Peterson Central Grade School located on Berlin Road.

How is the City of Weston funded?

The City of Weston is funded through a municipal fee on residential and commercial buildings located within the city; a business and occupation tax on businesses and commerce done within the city; excise taxes on utilities and other miscellaneous charges. Presently, the municipal fee is $100 per residence and $275 per commercial building.

What Departments are housed under the City of Weston?

The City of Weston has three department under its administration - the Weston Police Department, the Weston Street Department, and the Weston Fire Department. An ancillary organization under the City umbrella is the Weston Sanitary Board. The Sanitary Board operates independently of the City and is responsible for a sewage system, which has expanded past the City limits. There is also a Cemetery Board which takes care of two cemeteries within the City limits.

What organizations are active in the City of Weston?

There are several volunteer organizations created to help move Weston forward. A Weston Planning Commission; Weston Economic Development Authority; Weston Arts Council; Weston Landmarks Commision and Weston Charter Board are in place and are always looking for volunteers to help with problems Weston faces. Now that the financial problems of the city have been solved, the city can look forward.