Did You Know?

Gassaway was named in honor of the former United States Senator and one time vice-presidential candidate, Henry Gassaway Davis.

Elected Officials


Richard M. Roach
712 Braxton St.
Gassaway, WV 26624
304-364-5625 (H)
304-364-2231 (Office)
304-364-6002 (Office Fax)
304-364-5111 (Mayor's Office)
304-364-8142 (Mayor's Fax)

City Council

Jean B. Wilson
Alan Boggs
Melinda Frame
Melvin James
Hank Hurst

304-364-5111 (Office)
304-364-8142 (Fax)

Boards and Commissions

For all correspondence with the following Boards and Commissions use: 304-346-5111

  • Planning Commission
  • Public Works
  • Sanitary Board
  • Water Board
  • Human Resources


Recorder:Andrea Paletti

201 Birch Street
Gassaway, WV 26624
304-364-5111 (office)
304-364-8142 (Fax)

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