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Located on a portion of land of Colonel Andrew Waggener, who received a patent of about 4000 acres granted to him by King George III of England, for his services in the French and Indian War. The patent was issued in December, 1772.

It was established as a town in 1853, and surveyed and laid out by the County Surveyor, Thomas Hogg, and the first coal mine opened the same year. The first salt manufactured was in 1856, by some eastern capitalists from Connecticut, who named the town of Hartford in that state. The same year William Harpold began operating a saw mill and boat yard and began manufacturing salt.

The success of the early business and progress made in building up the town was due to the public spirited enterprises of William Harpold.The first post office was opened August 16, 1858, and the first postmaster was John Fish.

 It was incorporated as Hartford City, by an act of the Legislature March 5, 1868, and George W. Moredock was first mayor.

Population, 519; nominating conventions for town officials are held every two years on the first Thursday in April and the town election is held on the second Tuesday in June; officials take office on July first.