Emergency Services

Town of Mabscott Police Department

The Mabscott Police Department is empowered to enforce the law, protect property and reduce civil disorder in the Town of Mabscott. The Mabscott Police Department is engaged in an array of activities, depending on the situation, but its predominant concern is the preservation of order. 
Phone: 304-253-5630 or 911
Fax: 304-253-5631
Mabscott Police Department
302 White Stick St
PO Box 176
Mabscott, WV 25871


Town of Mabscott Volunteer Fire Department

The fire department that is empowered to provide fire protection and first response services for the Town of Mabscott is the Mabscott Volunteer Fire Department. The Mabscott Volunteer Fire Department also employs the services of other county VFDs to oversee the fire protection district that encompasses the Town of Mabscott.
Fire Chief: Daryl Bailey
Phone: 304-253-5685 or 911
Fax: 304-253-5686
Mabscott Fire Department
413 White Stick St
PO Box 176
Mabscott, WV 25871