Elected Officials


Municipal Building 


Sam Felton, Mayor of Marlinton 

Mayor’s Office
709 Second Avenue
, WV 24954
Phone:  304-799-4315
Fax:  304-799-6159 


      The Mayor is the principal or chief executive officer or chief administrator of the Town of Marlinton. The mayor shall have general supervision of all the affairs of the Town and may require such reports from the various officers and employees of the Town as he may reasonably deem necessary to carry out his executive responsibilities.  The mayor shall execute all contracts and deeds authorized by the governing body.  The duly elected mayor and his successors shall receive compensation as determined by resolution of the governing body from time to time as deemed appropriate by the governing body; however, the same shall be neither increased nor decreased during his term of office.  The mayor shall be bonded in the sum of $6000.00 with surety acceptable to the governing body, before assuming the duties of his said office.


Town Council

Municipal Building 


      The Governing Body shall mean mayor, council and recorder together charged with the responsibility of enacting ordinances and determining the public policy of this municipality. The Governing Body of the Town of Marlinton shall have plenary power and authority therein by ordinance or resolution, as the case may require, and by appropriate action thereon to provide for the following municipal services and works for the public convenience:  protection of the public health, public safety and the protection of the public morals, maintenance of esthetic and cultural qualities of the Town and its inhabitants, and power necessary to carry out all enumerated or specific powers.


Time and place of Regular Meetings: 

7:00 pm on the first Monday of each month at the Municipal Building

Town Recorder

BJ "Roberta" Gudmundsson

     The individual who is charged with the responsibility of keeping the journal of the proceedings of the governing body of the Town and all other town records: The recorder shall be bonded in the sum of ten thousand dollars with surety acceptable to the governing body before assuming the duties of this office.  The Recorder shall perform all administrative duties for the governing body and for the Town which are expressly by this code given to another corporate officer.  He/she shall also have custody of, and be responsible for maintaining all corporate bonds, records, and papers in a fireproof vault or safe as the Town shall provide.

Council Members

Mark Strauss

Adam Irvine

Don Morrison

Norris Long

Sue Helton