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There Ain’t No G In Marlinton
Written by Andrew Price, the first Mayor of Marlinton

 A smart and stylish man was he,
He had a college-bought degree,
He wished to buy some timber land,
And so he took his pen in hand,
But when it all was said and done,
He hurt his friend in Marlinton
He did a capital crime you see,
Spelling Marlinton with a G.

There ain’t no G in Marlinton,
There ain’t no G in Marlinton,
There ain’t no G in Marlinton,
 There ain’t no G in Marlinton. 

     Marlinton, West Virginia has always had spelling problems with its name, so Andrew Price, the first mayor wrote these verses to discourage this mistake.  Marlinton was named for Jacob Marlin, one of the first English settlers to the area in 1749.  Marlinton is the second county seat of Pocahontas County.  Colonel John McGraw planned the town and promoted the move of the Pocahontas County Court House from Huntersville to Marlinton in 1891.

     To celebrate its rich history, Marlinton holds Pioneer Days the second weekend of July each year.  Marlinton is located on the banks of the wild Greenbrier River.  Through Marlinton runs the Greenbrier River Trail, the longest and narrowest state park in the county.   Please visit our links on this site for other interesting attractions in our area.  We welcome you to Marlinton where no one is a stranger.  Don’t be surprised to be greeted by most anyone you meet as you walk the streets of our community.